Business or Home Tree Deliveries

HOME Delivery
Business Delivery

Please note we are being inundated with delivery requests due to COVID-19 and deliveries are taking much longer to get out due to the volume of the orders. At this time we have had to stop taking new delivery requests. We will re-evaluate after the weekend.
Please note deliveries are not guaranteed until you receive a written response from ABC Tree Farms and we require a minimum of 5 days notice for all deliveries. Tree deliveries are available in the SF Bay Area, Temecula and Laguna. Thank you!

Types of Tree Descriptions

Noble Fir/ Nordmann/ Balsam
Premium, Sturdy Firm Branches with pointy needles.

Great for Heavy Ornaments and Fragrant.

Grand Fir
Light Medium Branches with flat bright green needles – fragrant

Douglas Fir
Flimsy Branches, Furry light skinny needles

Silver Tip/Natural Nobles
Silver Tip/Natural Nobles have large spaces between branches so you can see the silver trunk of the tree.

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